The power of printing material is quite surprising. You can see it, feel it, touch and smell it. Drawings, colors, pictures, and texts – all have an enormous impact on the psychology of the people. Beside this, the intention of the message can be strengthened by the way it is printed and this is exactly what digital printing Singapore is doing.

digital printing

But before you can start the actual project, you must put lot of things into designing the product: appropriate colors, skills, the knowledge and the ability to prepare something in such a way that it can easily and effectively what every you wish to say. Marketing specialists or agencies often prepare the design of a product but offset printing Singapore companies manage everything. They produce information on the paper or any other stock demanded by the customer and also distribute the final product to various locations and customers.

However, no two companies follow the same standard process. Depending upon various factors and demands put forward by the customers, they follow the different process to ensure maximum impact and quality. Let us go through a brief introduction of various processes and their specifications that offset printing Singapore companies follow:

Web offset is one of the most common and is used for high volume production such as the printing of the newspapers, magazines and brochures. A typical run can carry around 25000 copies. The cost is far lower but still considerable.
Sheetfed offset is used to produce high-quality sheets which are required for annual reports and other such things. A typical run involves from 600 to 25000 copies. Its other typical products are presentation folders, flyers’, magazines and posters.

Digital printing Singapore is especially popular for an average quality and low volume of production. A general run can create from 1 to 10000 copies. Its startup costs are very low which makes it an excellent choice for low budget projects.

Screen printing is generally used for a very low volume of production on fabric or plastic.

Regardless of whatever you wish to print, make sure to use the most suitable printing process. It will not only prove cost efficient but also gives you the quality that you are looking for. Digital printing Singapore services are capable of doing any project in a perfect way and unlike some others, they will never outsource it to other company. It will help you save the extra cost that the outsourcing can generate. They have all the equipment and printers in the house needed for your project.

The following few examples can give you an idea how the offset printing Singapore companies manage your printing projects in a cost friendly and efficient way. These companies have a long history in the business and a long history means a lot of experience. You can definitely ask for the examples of their work to get an idea of what they are capable of.

They have the access to the latest and top-notch printing technology. They are so confident of their abilities that they can even request you to have a tour of their plant. In this way, you will become an active partner in the entire process.

Many years of experience has made them an acknowledged expert in the process of digital and offset printing and they use their expertise and experience for the benefit of the customer in an efficient way.

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